Patricia Hair salon in Astoria, Queens, NY, is well known for one and only best hair services in New York. Our staffs are well expertise in handling all types of hairs. We give you more than 60 different types of hair extensions and hair replacements. Only Patricia can provide you hair extensions on the same day of consultation.

We give solutions for your all hair related problems and they are actually working out extremely well. We have a good experience in working on all types of hair. Our staffs are the best in blond hair extensions, Yaki hair extensions, brown hair extensions, long hair extensions, short hair extensions, and ethnic hair extensions. We are also experienced in European hair extensions, African American Hair Extensions, Caucasian Hair Extensions, Brazilian Hair extensions, Latin Hair Extensions and more. We do Great length hair extensions and various hair straightening methods like Brazilian Hair Straightening, Balmain Hair Straightening and so on in an exceptional way.

We have the key for all your hair related issues and we have formulas for any kind of problems. Our formulas are well experimented in the clinics before it has been implemented by our staffs. We offer the best scalp treatment in the world which no doubt results in the promotion of hair growth.

Our Salon offer over 100 different human hair additions and human hair replacement types, at their posh hair salon. We serve the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey, and CT, and focus on Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Westchester, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, etc.

All our hair extensions are 100% Human in our salon. Our staffs are all certified, trained and well experienced in handling all types of hairs. We follow the latest technologies in our salon that you find only here. Our salon is very comfort and luxury.

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30/71 Steinway St


Monday Thru Saturday 10:00A.M. To 8:00P.M.
Sunday From 10:00A.M. To 5:00P.M.